• About Us

Alpha Capital Partners is a leading middle-market private equity real estate investment firm. Our Pittsburgh-based firm specializes in small balance real estate investments focused on student-housing, multifamily and medical offices in fast-growing markets. Our proven, differentiated strategy is based on our robust approach to identifying unique opportunities that will generate higher-than-expected margins and risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

We leverage technology, predictive analytics and robust data sets to analyze and uncover shifting market dynamics. Our entrepreneurial spirit allows us to have a nimble approach yet thorough assessment of each investment’s fundamentals. Alpha Capital Partners owns and manages a growing portfolio of over $140 Million in net assets across the United States.

At our core, Alpha Capital Partners is driven by intrinsic values of integrity, innovation and collaboration. We make disciplined, responsible investments and operate under the guiding principles of stewardship, social responsibility and sustainable growth.

At Alpha Capital Partners, we deliver consistent solid investment returns and are committed to striving for extraordinary performance.

Differentiated Strategy

Alpha Capital Partner is pioneering a robust strategy around non-institutional sized real estate investments. At Alpha Capital Partners, our operating imperative is to think differently. We are a market leader in small balance real estate (SBRE) deploying technology and analytics to drive operational efficiencies and growth. The highly fragmented space in SBRE provides an opportunity for us to capture considerable value and generate attractive returns for our investors.

Our investment fundamentals include middle market assets with untapped potential, assets with value-creation opportunities and properties in strong market positions. Leveraging our solid relationships coupled with a disciplined acquisition strategy, we can continue to build momentum in the SBRE space. Alpha Capital Partners’ growth plan is to expand into select strategic markets and build a strong portfolio of garden-style and mid-rise multifamily properties, off-campus student-housing properties and medical office buildings. Our investment strategy also includes strategic exit timing to maximize returns and profitability for our investors.

We are responsibly ambitious for our investors and investing with us means an investment in long-term value creation through a portfolio of properties with sustainable performance.

Market Focus

Alpha Capital Partners is focused on strategic markets in key growth US metro areas, where we continue to deliver risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Alpha Capital Partners is the parent company of two fully integrated investment platforms – Alpha Residential and Alpha Healthcare.

Our primary goal is to acquire, develop and manage Class A & B multifamily properties, off-campus student-housing and healthcare properties located in growth US MSAs. Alpha Capital Partners’ strategy involves acquiring the appropriate assortment of core, core-plus and value-add properties with robust CAP rates and sustainable cash flow growth potential. Our operating strategy also involves acquiring assets in markets where we have established presence to maximize economies of scale.

The Alpha Residential portfolios center around secondary and tertiary markets that have properties in areas experiencing urbanization and projected economic growth. Garden style and mid-rise multifamily assets positioned in these markets coupled with student-housing properties provide attractive opportunities for Alpha Capital Partners. The Alpha Healthcare portfolios are strategically focused on acquiring medical office buildings and ambulatory surgery centers with existing long-term leases in markets with increasing demographic growth.

At Alpha Capital Partners, our two investment platforms implement fine-tuned processes from deal generation to exit and are built on strong portfolios that can withstand short-term market volatilities yet generate risk-adjusted returns for our investors.